Saturday 10th June 2023

Posted: 11/06/2023 14:39

Saturday 10th.  The decline of the high pressure to the north of the UK had  the result of bringing a sunny, cloudless day to site, the highest temperature of the year so far, 26.9 C at nearby RAF Leeming and a light to moderate initially NE'ly wind that soon veered into the ESE and increased to moderate. Pete Goodchild took the first of the day's 7 First Flight pupils for a flight in K21 JVZ off runway 20 on the first flight of the day, this runway being the early day option before the veering and strengthening wind dictated a change to runway 06  later in the day.  Most of the day's flights were extended circuits, with only 4 flights of over 20 minutes and 1 over 30.  2 of the > 20 minute flights were for First Flight pupils, Les Rayment and Steve Thompson giving their passengers 29 and 24 minutes respectively, both using some weak thermal to slow their descent.  The flight of > 30 minutes was by Adam Sayer in Astir DSU who found some weak wave over and to the east of the site.  This gave him 1-2 kts at times enabling him to climb to 4,100' asl and maintain an altitude of between 3,800' and 4,100' asl for a significant part of his flight.  The Falke added a single flight to the day's 19 launches. 

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