Monday 12th June 2023

Posted: 13/06/2023 18:41

Monday 12th.  The wind had backed into the Nth,  being light to moderate and causing a drop in the maximum temperature at RAF Leeming to 26.9C.  It was, however, again a blue day with limited convection, the day's longest flight, 1:08 by Bill Payton in his DG1000t, being aided by engine power, first by a tow to around 4,000' QFE and later by 3 engine burns.  Bill's search for natural sources of energy took him 8 km W of Ripon and 5 km SSE of Northallerton with limited success, rotor type turbulence being the only evidence of possible wave activity. The only other private owner to launch, Clive Swain in his Kestrel 19, had a  flight more typical of the day, launching to around 1800' QFE and briefly finding some lift but then landing after 27 minutes, being the only other pilot to exceed 25 minutes flying time.  The day's 6 First Flight pupils averaged 21 minutes flying time, all in K21 JVZ, while Tom Dale/Andrew Bedford flew the Falke down to Gamston, staying there for a couple of hours before flying back, enabling Andrew to brush up on his navigational skills.   

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