Tuesday 23rd to Wednesday 24th May 2023

Posted: 25/05/2023 12:37

Tuesday 23rd.  A light W'ly slowly increased to light to  moderate with early blue skies becoming filled with Cumulus and also areas of medium level overcast that hindered convection.  A very busy flying day saw operations commence off runway 24 at just after 1000 hrs and continue until 2109 hrs as the Tuesday evening group took over from the day team, launches totalling 51.  Convective activity led to 23 flights of over 30 minutes with 16 of these over an hour, 20 private owner/visitor launches contributing to the day's total.  Clive Swain in his Kestrel had the longest flight of the day, 4:17, during which he journeyed close to Knaresborough and Ripon .  A large patch of medium level overcast delayed the start of soaring until around 1300 hrs, with Andy Wright in his Nimbus 3 being the first private owner to launch on what proved to be the longest of the day's cross countries, Andy covering 142 km via Ripon, Hawes and York and reporting a useful convergence over the Pennines.  Paul Whitehead, flying his Ventus 2cxt set a task of Doncaster NW and Tontine but abandoned the leg to his 1st TP after getting to 9 km SE of Burn, resulting in a distance of around 140 km.  Visitor Andy Balkwill flew around 100 km in his LS8-18 getting near to Knaresborough and Rufforth, while Derek Smith in his DG800 covered around 120 km getting close to Wetherby South and returning to site via the Tontine.  Visitor Barry Kerby flying his Duo Discus t solo flew to the west of Pateley Bridge before returning to do some local soaring, taking some cloud climbs to reach his maximum altitude of 7,700' asl.  Cloud base was initially around 5,000' asl but rose to around 6,000' asl by the end of the afternoon, and while overall average climb rates were 1-2 kts and best average climb rates were typically 3-4 kts, values over 5 kts were recorded.  Those flying club gliders also made the best use of the thermic conditions, with visitor Peter Challons having just under 3 hrs in Astir DPO, climbing to 5,900' asl and getting close to Tontine, Easingwold and Helmsley, while Guy Hartland/K Balkwill had just over an hour in the DG1000, flying locally.

Wednesday 24th.  Although nothing seemed to have changed much synoptically, high pressure remaining in charge, Wednesday was a blue day  until the early evening when a medium level overcast moved in.  Thermals were relatively weak and the day's 13 ATs mainly off runway 20 only yielded 6 flights of over 30 minutes with 4 of these over an hour, the latter all by 4 of the 5  private owners to fly.  Nobody ventured too far, although Bob Calvert in his Discus 2ct went to York, just west of Harrogate and overhead Leeming via Sutton, a distance of around 140 km.   Bob's flying time of 4:47 was not the longest of the day, with Clive Swain in his Kestrel 19 having 5 hrs flying more locally and both pilots climbed to around 5,000' asl.  Martin/Albert Newberry had 2:28 in their DG1000t, getting stuck for a while near the Tontine, before getting just to the NW of Carlton Bank and mainly operating between 2,300'-3,200'asl although they did get to 4,400' at one point.  The day's 5 First Flight pupils averaged 20 minutes, while off  the day's last two launches, Andy/K Balkwill had 41 minutes in K21 JVZ and Guy Hartland/David Slocombe had 34 minutes in the DG1000.    

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