Sunday 28th to Monday 29th May 2023

Posted: 31/05/2023 15:46

Sunday 28th.  The light to moderate NNE'ly wind brought in a medium level  overcast from the North Sea, which prevented any significant thermal activity, so there were no flights of over 30 minutes from the 19 ATs flown off runway 02, with some landings on runway 06.   Some weak thermal activity mid-afternoon was utilised by Clive Swain/Stewart Wallace in K21 JVZ to climb to 2,700' asl and extend their flight to 28 minutes, the longest of the day, while Chris Charmers Brown had 24 minutes solo in JVZ and Paul Whitehead took one of the day's 6 First Flight pupils for 24 minutes in K21 KLW.  

Monday 29th. With the synoptic situation relatively static and dominated by a large high pressure centred over the NW of the UK, the wind was again light to moderate from the NNE but the overcast of the previous day was absent, a period of variable cloud from1000-1300 hrs giving way to clear blue skies and  thermal activity from late morning.  My source of Flarm based flight information was not available for some reason, so with only the paper log to hand the normal detail is not available.  However, the log shows that the 18 ATs generated 10 flights of over 30 minutes, with 7 of these over an hour.    There were 7 private owner launches, with visitors Thomas/Hollowell in their DG1000t having 2 and John Marsh and Tony Drury having 1 each in their DG303.  Visitors Thomas/Hollowell  1st flight lasted 1:31, while  their 2nd lasted 1:30, this latter time being matched by Fred Brown in his Ventus ct, while Bill Payton flying his DG1000t solo had 2:50 and John Ellis in his DG800 had 2:15.  John Marsh had 1:08, while Laurie Clarke taking Day Member Peter Robson for the second of his 3 flights of the day had 1:02, their 1st and 3rd flights being 20 and 36 minutes respectively.       

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