Sunday 21st to Monday 22nd May 2023

Posted: 24/05/2023 17:04

Sunday 21st.  A light ESE'ly slowly backed into the NNE and strengthened slightly, the initially cloudless sky producing some Cumulus during late morning to early afternoon before going blue.  38 ATs were flown off runway 20 with later, some landings on runways 02 and 06. the day producing 26 flights of 30 minutes or more with 20 of over an hour.   17 of the latter were by private owners either YGC or visitor based and a number of cross countries were flown, although the majority of pilots stayed local.  Climbs of over 6,000' asl were made with average climb rates typically 1-2 kts, although the best average climb rates exceeded 5 kts.  Dave Latimer in his Ventus 3M  and Steve Thompson in his Ventus bt both attempted the same task, 227.3 km via  Clitheroe, Grains (W of Barnard Castle) and Grassington with both struggling near Ripon, in Dave's case sufficient to require an engine burn and a return to Sutton for a restart.  Dave's troubles didn't end there however, as another low point on the last leg near Leyburn again lead to the use of his engine.  Steve also resorted to his engine some 7.5 km east of Leyburn as time was running out to record 238 km.  Bill Payton/Sarah Stubbs in Bills DG1000t flew around 200 km as they visited Pateley Bridge, Rufforth and Grassington while Bob Calvert in his Discus 2ct flew around 150 km  in the vicinity of the Knaresborough, Sutton, Grimworth Reservoir, and Pateley Bridge TPs before returning home.    Visitor Andy Balkwill in  his LS8-18 flew 13 km north of site before visiting Ripon and Harrogate to cover around 140 km and climb to the best altitude of the day, 6,500' asl, while Les Rayment in his DG800 did an 80 km O/R to Pateley Bridge.  Visitor Malcom Guard in his Ka6 had a low point of 800' QFE shortly after releasing from his tow but found a thermal that took him to 6,400' asl.  Visitor Neil Croxford in  his LS8-18 also climbed to 6,400' asl while flying locally, this climb coming in the second half of his flight, the first half having been at 3,500 to 4,500' asl.  Two pilots, both flying Astir DPO had >1 hr flight, Andy Tyas climbing to 4,400' asl and Pete Challans climbing to 3,600' asl later in the afternoon.   Chris Hanszlik/J Leighton in the DG500 came off tow into a thermal that proved to be less than expected and with the return to site in strong sink, the decision was taken to land at Bagby, a later AT returning them to site.  In among all the above activity, 6 First Flight pupils were introduced to gliding.

Monday 22nd.  A light to moderate NNW blew on a day with patches of medium level overcast and little in the way of lift, with only 4 of the day's 22 ATs off runway 02 exceeding 30 minutes of which 2 exceeded an hour.  Bob Calvert in his Discus 2ct had 2:16 with visitor Barry Kerby having 1:22 flying his Duo Discus t solo.  Barry flew to or near to the following TPs making extensive use of his engine as he unsuccessfully tried to contact wave, Thirsk. Northallerton, Masham and Ripon, reaching a maximum altitude of 7,100' asl.   The two pilots to have >30 minutes but less than 60 were both visitors, Barry Monslow having 34 minutes in his LS8-18 as a result of finding some weak lift in front of the main bowl and climbing 400' and Sharon Kerby who had 31 minutes in  her ASW28t again the result of finding limited duration lift in the same area.  7 flights had between 20 and 30 minutes, of which 3 were for First Flight pupils.        

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