Saturday 20th May 2023

Posted: 21/05/2023 10:50

Saturday 20th.  A light to moderate SSE'ly blew all day, with areas of Cumulus coming and going, providing something of a challenge to those attempting cross country tasks.  Flying commenced off runway 20 around 10:20 hrs and ended around 17:20 hrs with 41 ATs flown.  All the club 2 seaters, 3 of the 4 club single seaters were flown, as well as the Falke and there were 17 private owner launches, these including a number by the visitors from the Stratford GC.  27 of the day's flights exceeded 30 minutes, with 15 exceeding an hour, the majority of the latter by private owners, but Sarah Stubbs flying the Discus, included herself in this group with 1:42 spent soaring locally, a best altitude of 4,600' asl being achieved.  This altitude was typical of  the day, with only a couple of pilots getting to 5,000' asl or above. The majority of those having soaring flights stayed local, but a number of cross countries were also flown, the longest an estimated 270 km being flown by Paul Whitehead in his Ventus 2cxt, with TPs at Durham, Garforth and Masham although an engine burn was required near Thirsk on Paul's final glide back to site.  Clive Swain in his Kestrel 19 flew an estimated 140 km during his 5:52 flight, visiting areas around Rufforth and Ripon, while visitor Andy Balkwill flew around 100 km visiting York and Northallerton in his LS8-18 and John Ellis visited Ripon, Pateley Bridge, the area around Masham and Boroughbridge in his DG800 to cover around 110 km.  Steve Thompson in his Ventus bt, one of the early launchers, flew around 100 km visiting areas around Masham, and Churchhouses, finding it difficult to climb above 3,000' asl during the majority of his flight, but did eventually get to 5,400' asl, the best of the day.  Average overall climb rates were typically 1-2 kts and lower towards the end of the day,  with best climb rates typically 3-3.5 kts.   Dave McKinney/Tommy Gee in K21 KLW just failed to join >1 hr group, having 59 minutes flying locally, while others to have durations in this region included Bruce Grain/Naomi Kennard, 52 minutes in K21 JVZ and Bruce with visitor Katherine Balkwill with 51 minutes in JVZ.  Among all the above activity, 5 First Flight pupils were flown. 

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