Sunday 23rd to Monday 24th April 2023

Posted: 26/04/2023 16:49

Sunday 23rd.  The medium level overcast didn't prevent operations but did restrict soaring opportunities until the middle of the afternoon when broken skies prevailed.  Otherwise the majority of the day's 12 ATs off runway 02 into a light to moderate N/NNE'ly were extended circuits, while Jamie Quartermaine took the Falke for an O/R to the northern outskirts of York.  The minority of soaring flights saw Steve Thompson and visitor Martin Cooper have 1:04 in K21 JVZ, climbing up to 3,600' asl while soaring locally in weak thermals, while Bob Calvert, taking off at around 1530 hrs, had 2:22 in his Discus 2t, visiting the Harrogate North area before returning to site and finding some weak wave on the return leg some 7 kms south of site.  Bob's best altitude was 4,000' asl with a best average climb rate of 2,4 kts.

Monday 24th.  The moderate wind remained in the northerly sector, starting off NNW and slowly veering into the NNE, the skies being again overcast and rain bearing from 1300-1500 hrs before brighter skies arrived around 1700 hrs.  Flying was restricted to 3 ATs off runway 02 in the morning, two for visitors and one for a First Flight pupil, all flown by Bruce Grain in K21 JVZ and all resulting in extended circuits.   

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