Tuesday 21st to Wednesday 22nd March 23

Posted: 23/03/2023 14:12

Tuesday 21sr.  A moderate/moderate to fresh SW'ly blew all day, morning rain delaying the start of flying until midday, with 8 ATs off runway 24 thereafter.  A combination of hill lift, thermal and some weak wave provided soaring opportunities, with 5 flights exceeding 30 minutes and 1 of these an hour.  Bob Calvert in his Discus 2t had 2:21, climbing to 4,200' asl east of Boltby, having a trip to High Paradise Farm and the forward ridge and generally maintaining 900' to 1100' QFE in the main bowl..  Chris Handzlik, flying the Discus, had 57 minutes, maintaining 3,600'- 3,800' asl on a line from Felixkirk  to Knayton, using the height to progress to the NW as far as Thornton Le Beans before returning to site and finding the lift in the main bowl somewhat soft.  Andrew Watson/ Steve Morgan's 49 minutes in K21 KLW included an climb to 3,000' asl over the main bowl. while Derek Smih/Dave Cockburn's 43 minutes, included a trip to High Paradise Farm and a climb to 2,900' just to the SE of Bagby.  The day's 3 First Flight pupils all had fights of over 20 minutes, with Jesper Mjles with his passenger getting to 3,100' asl between site and Bagby.

Wednesday 22nd.  The SW'ly wind had increased in strength to moderate to fresh/fresh so it was an winching day off runway 24.  20 launches were flown, with 13 giving rise to flights of over 30 minutes, of which 3 were over an hour.  Hill, thermal and wave combined to provide the lift, with Bob Calvert in his Discus 2t having the longest flight of 3:39, climbing to 8,300' asl 5 km east of site, with virtually all the flight above 4,000' asl and a best average climb rate of 3.2 kts.  Bob visited or approached a number of local TPs during the flight, including, Thirsk, Boroughbridge , Tontine and Northallerton.  Jesper Mjels in Astir DPO climbed to 5,700' asl just south of Knayton during his 2:10 flight, climbing back to 5,600' asl towards the end just south of the site, while Fred Brown/John Forrester in the DG1000 had just over an hour, with a climb to 5,200' asl just west of Gormire, followed by a glide north beyond High Paradise Farm and a return to site via the forward ridge.   5 other flights had 50 -60 minutes, the longest being the 57 minutes by Dave McKinney/Austin Hartland in K21 JVZ,  followed closely by the 56 minutes by Steve Thompson/Andrew Bedford in K21 KLW.

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