Tuesday 14th to Thursday 16th March 23

Posted: 17/03/2023 10:39

Tuesday 14th.  After overnight rain a bright start to the day was soon replaced by increasingly cloudy skies and rain/sleet showers as a moderate to moderate to fresh W'ly blew so there was no flying.

Wednesday 15th.   A light to moderate/moderate SSE'ly soon veered into the SSW as a bright morning slowly clouded over, with rain from around 1600 hrs, the conditions allowing flying from the 1st launch at just after 1000 hrs to the last landing at just after 1500 hrs.  The 11 ATs off runway 24 were predominately in K21 KLW and were descents from release height, but the two private owners who flew, Steve Thompson in his Ventus and Chris Handzlik in his DG300, accrued 2:20 between them.  Steve contributed the majority of this flight time with 1:44, being able to oscillate between 2,900 to 4,200' asl in weak wave between Sutton village and site while Chris's 36 minutes included a climb of 600' just to the NE of Bagby.  Bruce Grain gave the only First Flight pupil of the day 21 minutes in KLW, while Andy Tyas was the only Astir pilot,  having 25 minutes in DSU.

Thursday 16th.  Overnight rain continued until around 1300 hrs as a moderate to moderate to fresh S'ly slowly veered into the SSW.  The legacy of low cloud ensured that there was no flying even after the rain had stopped.  

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