Wednesday 15th February 2023

Posted: 16/02/2023 17:07

Wednesday 15th.   A weakening cold front crossed the site during the afternoon, brightening skies arriving later as a light to moderate SSE'ly veered into the WSW.  Flying commenced around 1115 hrs off runway 20, but was hampered by lowering cloud and ceased after 6 launches, all in K21 JVZ.  Member C Stadward had 2 flights with Laurie Clarke, with the remaining 4 launches all for First Flight pupils, Jesper Mjels giving his pupil the longest flight of the day, 24 minutes.  Derek Smith managed to give his pupil 20 minutes of a 1500' tow by finding some lift at 550' QFE on the main bowl, with all the other flights being straight descents from release.

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