Tuesday 21st to Wednesday 22nd February 2023

Posted: 23/02/2023 10:47

Tuesday 21st.  A light to moderate SW/SSW'ly blew all day with overcast skies, the low base initially delaying the start of flying until around midday.  Thereafter, the base eventually rose to around 2,000' asl, although a brief clearance made an appearance around mid afternoon.  15 launches off runway 24 with landings on 20 were split 9 winch and 6 AT, with 5 flights of over 30 minutes and 2 of over an hour, both of the later from ATs.  ATing was the initially preferred option with winching taking over early afternoon.    Derek Smith in Astir DSU had the longest flight, 1:21, with Chris Handzlik in the Discus having 1:03.   Chris spent most of the flight hill soaring the W'ly ridge, including a trip to High Paradise farm, operating between 500' QFE and 1,300' QFE and had a thermal climb to 1,200 QFE towards the end of his flight.  Continuing problems with DSU's Flarm output means I have no trace from Derek's flight while Albert and Martin Newberry's 34 minutes in the DG500 off an AT saw them soar the Main Bowl at 7-800' QFE with a peak height of 1,200' QFE.  Later flights mainly operated at 500-700' QFE while soaring the Main Bowl, with Tony Drury having 37 minutes in the Discus and Bob Beck/Steve Ogden 32 minutes in the DG500.

Wednesday 22nd.  A weak cold front made progress south-eastwards during the day, its lowering overcast initially delaying the start of flying and then limiting release heights until its approaching light rain/drizzle  put a stop to flying after just 3 launches,  2 of which were for First Flight pupils.   The light to moderate W'ly provided some hill lift, allowing Laurie Clarke to give both First Flight pupils 20 minute flights and Sue Aherne 23 minutes from ATs to between 1,500' and 1,800' QFE.  

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