Thursday 23rd to Saturday 25th February 2023

Posted: 25/02/2023 20:51

Thursday 23rd.  A light to moderate NNW'ly blew for most of the day, only backing into the W later.  Cu blossomed mid morning and provided sufficient lift from around the middle of day to early afternoon to allow some soaring flights, including the first thermal cross country of the year.  This was by Rob Bailey in his ASG29t, with 80 km covered via some self selected TPs, but essentially Carlton Bank, Tontine and then some 9 km SE of Sutton before returning to site after 1:38.  With a climb to around 4,300 asl and a maximum average climb of 2.3 kts, this was a spring like day that provided one of the earliest thermal cross countries from Sutton for many a year.  Others to take advantage of the thermal lift included Clive Swain/Naomi Kennard in K21 JVZ who had just over an hour mainly to the east of site with a best climb to around 4,000' asl, while Clive later had 51 minutes in JVZ with Chris Stadward, with a best climb to 4,200' asl.  The first of the soaring flights was by Guy Hartland/Tony Kirkby who  had 51 minutes in the DG500, getting to 3,600' asl, while Nigel Burke's 32 minute flight in the DG500 with the day's  only First Flight pupil also took advantage of the early afternoon thermals.  The 5 flights before and the five after the thermic period were all extended circuits. contributing to the day's launch total of 14.   

Friday 24th.  A moderate N'ly blew all day bringing in low cloud and frequent scattered showers off the North Sea so there was no flying.

Saturday 25th.  A repeat of Friday's weather, with the only flying being on the simulator where George Rowden took new Junior Will on a couple of flights.  


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