Sunday 19th to Monday 20th February 2023

Posted: 20/02/2023 20:22

Sunday 19th.  A moderate and at times moderate to fresh WSW'ly blew all day, as initially sunny skies clouded over from mid afternoon.  14 ATs were flown off runway 24 with all 3 two seaters, Astir DPO and the Discus flown.  The initial 5 flights were straight descents from release height, but then Arthur Docherty flying in the DG500 with one of the day's four First Flight pupils was able to maintain 2,700-2,900' asl  for a while, some 1,5 km to the NE of Thirsk in their 27 minute flight.   The Discus was then flown off behind the Super Cub by Bob Calvert,  a climb to 3,300' asl just to the N of Gormire being followed by one to 5,000' asl between Sutton village and Thirsk.  Bob then flew westwards to over the East Coast Main line but finding no other lift returned to site after 52 minutes. Fred Brown/Sarah Stubbs in  the DG1000 also found a climb, this time to 4,500' asl just south of Felixkirk in their flight of 21 minutes but this was the last of the significant climbs during the flying day.  However, the main ridge was by now working well, with most flights  able to maintain heights of 800-1300' QFE, mainly on or in front of the main bowl.   Paul Whitehead, flying with another First Flight pupil in the DG1000, was an exception, having a trip to High Paradise Farm some 7.5 km north of site and also recovering from a  low of 500' QFE in their  30 minute flight.  Dan McLean, flying Astir DPO,  had the longest flight of the day, 1:08, soaring the main bowl and up to 2 km W of it while maintaining 1,000-1300' QFE before landing on runway 22. 

Monday 20th.  A  low overcast and fresh W/WSW'ly winds greeted members arriving at site and although the cloud broke briefly from 1500-1600 hrs, the wind continued to be fresh and consequently there was no flying. 

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