Friday 10th February 2023

Posted: 11/02/2023 19:59

Friday 10th.  A moderate WSW'ly soon veered into the west and strengthened slightly, so it was again a winching day with members continuing to familiarise themselves with the new winching operation.  The day's 13 launches off runway 24 yielded 2 flights of 30 minutes and a further 4 between 22 and 28 minutes.  These flights mainly soared the main bowl, but Dave McKinney/Martin Joyce took K21 JVZ to the northern end of the main W'ly ridge while maintaining 850-1,000' QFE, an operating height typical of the day, before landing after 30 minutes.  John Tayler/Fred Brown in the DG500 for their 30 minute flight, climbed to 2,000' QFE over Gormire in weak wave, the best height of the day, while Bruce Grain/Conrad Thwaites in JVZ on the final flight of the day had 28 minutes soaring the main and adjacent bowl at 6-900' QFE.    

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