Wednesday 18th January 2023

Posted: 19/01/2023 20:50

Wednesday 18th.  Another clear sunny cold winter's day saw 18  launches off runway 24 by the Skylaunch winch as the programme of getting more instructors and club members checked out on all aspects of the new winch operation continued apace.  Consequently, although the hill was working,  with the gliders able to maintain heights of 500-800' above the hill, flights were short to maximise the numbers of instructors and members able to be checked out. K21 JVZ and Astir DPO were the day's workhorses, with the three longest flights of 13, 12 and 11 minutes duration, being flown by John Carter/Derek Smith in K21 JVZ, Derek Smith in Astir DPO and John Carter/Bruce Grain in JVZ respectively. 

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