Thursday 5th to Saturday 7th January 2023

Posted: 08/01/2023 12:35

Thursday 5th.  The light to moderate SW'ly slowly increased to become fresh to strong as  the increasingly low overcast produced drizzle and light rain at times, so there was no flying.

Friday 6th.  The initially moderate WSW backed into the S and increased to fresh, limiting the flying to 5 ATs off runway 20, with 4 out of the 5 landings on runway 24.  Steve Thompson/S Morgan in K21 JVZ had an hour exploring the main western ridge as far north as High Paradise Farm. as they did a series of climbs and descents, with the descents winning out in the end.  Guy Harland/C Stadward, taking the next flight in JVZ, found wave and in a beat extending some 8 km to the SE of the site eventually climbed to 7,000' asl in their flight of 1:17.  Next off were Les Rayment/Nigel Burke in the DG500, and while they found some weak lift over Kilburn which slowed their descent, the were back on the ground after 40 minutes with Dave Thompson in Astir DSU having 30 minutes.  John Tayler/Ian Pattingdale in the DG500 flew the last sortie of the day, this lasting 16 minutes as the increasing wind speed led to the end of flying. 

Saturday 7th.  An active front brought overnight rain that lasted until 1200 hrs as a moderate SSE veered into the SW, the clearance coming at around 1500 hrs, too late to allow any flying to take place. 

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