Sunday 22nd to Wednesday 25th January 2023

Posted: 26/01/2023 14:43

Sunday 22nd.  Flying got underway from runway 20 around 1130 hrs under overcast skies, as a light S'ly blew, this later backing into the SE.   Four ATs were the total for the day as the cloud progressively lowered with light rain falling from around 1400 hours.  There was no significant lift and all the flights were steady descents from release, flight times being in the range 11 - 20 minutes dependent on tow height and glider type.  Fred Brown/Chris Handzlik took the 1st flight in K21 JVZ, with Tim Stanley taking the last launch of the day solo in the same glider.  The other 2 flights were in Astir DPO with Konrad Kawalek and John Forrester the pilots.

Monday 23rd.   Another day of overcast skies and light winds saw flying limited to the Falke, with Richie Toon/Andrew Bedford visiting the Tontine, Saltburn and Scarborough during the first pf the day's 3 sorties. The other 2 flights saw first Dick Cole and then Richie Toon fly locally and practice a number of touch and go landings.

Tuesday 24th.  A light to moderate W'ly was accompanied by a low overcast that did not clear until the middle of the afternoon, so there was no flying.

Wednesday 25th.  A slow moving and weak cold front brought a low overcast and a short period of light rain in the morning with the clearance arriving in the early afternoon.  This allowed winching operations to commence around 1445 hrs off runway 24, with landings on 30, as a moderate to fresh WNW'ly slowly decreased to moderate.  7 launches to between 600 & 800' QFE resulted, with the emphasis continuing to be on checking out members on the new winch procedures rather than on soaring.  Consequently, although hill lift was available, flights times were low, with Bruce Grain and Steve Thompson sharing P1 duties.  The day's flying activities also included 2 flights in the Falke.  

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