Wednesday 21st to Sunday 25th December 2022

Posted: 28/12/2022 20:12

Wednesday 21st.  The moderate to fresh SW'ly continued to blow and with scattered cloud not affecting flying, operations got underway from runway 20 around 1100 hrs with the day's AT total being 6.  Half of these were flights by the DG500 and Astir DSU, neither of which were transmitting Flarm signals so I have no detailed post flight information on them, however, the 1st flight of the day saw Clive Swain/ A Howard have 13 minutes in the DG500, while the day's 2nd flight was of 18 minutes by Laurie Clark/Dan McLean in the DG1000.  Durations took a turn for the better on the subsequent flights with Toby Wilson in Astir DPO having an hour, Clive/A Howard having 50 minutes in their 2nd flight in the DG500, Bob Calvert having at least an hour in Astir DSU and Laurie/Dan had 1:02 from their 2nd flight in the DG1000.  The extended flight times were due to hill and wave with Toby climbing to a best altitude of 5,600' asl over the forward ridge having contacted the wave off tow and Laurie/Dan taking a high tow but, failing to contact the wave hill, soared the main bowl at around 11-1300' QFE before slowly climbing to 4,400' asl in the vicinity of the site. 

Thursday 22nd.  A low overcast and rain at times as a light SSE'ly backed into the ENE, meant there was no flying.

Friday 23rd.  A moderate ESE'ly blew all day accompanied by a lowering overcast that produced rain from 1500 hrs so there was no flying.

Saturday 24th.  A moderate and at times moderate to fresh and gusty SW'ly slowly backed into the S, the skies being  generally sunny.  However, there was no flying.

Sunday 25th.  Christmas day is traditionally an non flying day at Sutton, although the showery weather, brought along on a light to moderate SSW'ly wind, would have made flying a little problematical. 

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