Saturday 26th November to Saturday 3rd December 2022.

Posted: 03/12/2022 16:05

Saturday 26th.  A light to moderate S/SSE'ly gradually increased in strength to become fresh so operations were off runway 20 under overcast skies.  Seven ATs were flown before flying came to an end just after 1300  hours, with 1 First flight and visitors providing the majority of P2s.  Paul Whitehead and visitor Edward Smith in K21 JVZ had the first flight of the day, this also being the longest, 44 minutes mainly soaring the White Horse ridge at 7-900' QFE.  No one else flew for more than 20 minutes, this time being recorded by Malcolm Morgan and visitor Simon Smith of the 2nd flight of the day in K21 FYF, again aided by lift of the southern ridge, with later flights having briefer periods of soaring the same area.  Bob Calvert was the only pilot to fly solo, having 17 minutes in Astir DPO, maintaining 1-1,100' QFE for a while.

Sunday 27th.  Overnight rain had cleared, allowing a day's flying under generally clear skies as a light to moderate SSW'ly blew.  With no useable lift, the day's 13 ATs off runway 20 resulted in flights of between 14 and 18 minutes off 2,000' tows, the flight times of 1000' tows being typically just under 10 minutes.  Flying was mainly in K21's JVZ and FYF, but visitor E Smith and member John Forrester both flew Astir DPO for 15 and 16 minutes respectively while a single First Flight pupil had 15 minutes with Dave McKinney in FYF.

Monday 28th November to Friday 2nd December.  A slack pressure gradient with light winds from the SE quadrant resulted in a period of persistent  fog and low cloud that prevented any flying from taking place., the first signs of a change coming on Friday afternoon as the sun briefly reappeared.

Saturday 3rd.  Partially sunny skies slowly clouded over as a light to moderate NNEly blew, the medium level cover proving to be no hindrance to flying, 12 ATs off runway 02 resulting.  Apart from Nigel Burke's 19 minute flight with the first of the day's 4 First Flight pupils in K21 JVZ, helped by some reduced sink over Sutton village, flight times were a function of tow height, although Nigel did repeat his 19 minute flight off the last flight of the day, again with a First Flight pupil, without any reduced sink contribution.  Tony Drury, Martin Newbery and David Watson all flew Astir DPO,  contributing to the day's average flight time of 15 minutes, with  K21 JVZ being the mount for all the 2 seater flights, .    

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