Monday 26th to Thursday 29th December 2022

Posted: 29/12/2022 20:42

Monday 26th.  A moderate to fresh, and at time fresh W'ly blew all day, providing good soaring opportunities in hill and wave lift for the 12 ATs flown, so much so that all the day's flights were of 30 or more minutes duration, with 5 of the flights lasting over an hour.  Two of the club 2 seaters were flown as were two of the single seaters, with Tomer Altman having the longest flight of the day in Astir DSU, 2:04, during which he climbed to around 6,000' asl in wave, completed a short cross country and hill soared at around 1100' QFE during the latter portion of his flight.  Other pilots to have an hour or more were John Foster in Astir DPO, 1:08, Bruce Grain/Amelia Forrester in the DG1000, 1:03, Ron Beezer, solo in the DG1000 and Toby Wilson in Astir DPO, both with 1:01.  The shortest flight of the day was by Simon Altman who took the day's only First Flight pupil for 30 minutes in K21 JVZ, recently returned to site from its ARC.  I didn't have access to post flight Flarm information, so have no further details on where or how high people went, Tomer's flight information being obtained from his entry onto the BGA ladder, for which I  thank him. 

Tuesday 27th.  A light to moderate SSE'ly slowly veered into the SSE and increased to fresh to strong with gusts of 40-45 kts, the day's bright start soon being replaced by a low overcast  and rain, so there was no flying.

Wednesday 28th.  The initial moderate to fresh and at times fresh SSE''ly again veered into the SW, the day also featuring low cloud and rain from 1000 hrs, so it was again a non-flying day.

Thursday 29th.   A fresh and gusty WSW'ly blew,  the gustiness increasing in the vicinity of the showers that punctuated the day and contributed to a decision not to fly.  

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