Monday 12th to Friday 16th December 2022

Posted: 17/12/2022 12:01

Monday 12th to Thursday 15th.  Foggy, murky conditions with low cloud shrouding the site meant no flying on Monday and Tuesday as light winds from between SE and NNE blew.  Wednesday and Thursday were clear and sunny with wintry showers visible towards the coast, but the moderate NW'ly ruled out any chance of flying.

Friday 16th.   Partially cloudy skies prevailed, as a light to moderate W'ly backed into the SSW, the cloud being high enough not to interfere with flying, although occasional formation of orographic cloud over the southern ridge meant those flying had to keep a wary eye open.  9 ATs off runway 24 behind the Eurofox were flown, principally in the DG500 and DG1000, as K21 FYF had been returned to the London Gliding Club and K21 JVZ was off site for its ARC.  Some weak lift in front of the main bowl was utilised by a number of pilots, with Paul and Polly Whitehead having 29 minutes in the DG500 off the last flight of the day.  Polly had earlier had 24 minutes with Jim McLean in the DG1000, while John Forrester had 26 minutes in Astir DPO, courtesy of some weak lift in the vicinity of Hood Hill.  4 First Flight pupils were flown, while Chris Thirkell re-soloed via a 18 minute flight in the DG500. 

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