Wednesday 16th to Friday 18th November 2022

Posted: 18/11/2022 20:42

Wednesday 16th.  Another non-flying day due to low cloud as a moderate ESE'ly blew.

Thursday 17th.  An active depression slowly moving north over the UK brought copious amounts of rain, some 21 mm falling over the day and shrouded the site in cloud, so there was no flying.

Friday 18th.  A break in the weather allowed flying to get underway off runway 24 around 1020 hrs, with 13 ATs flown, all landings being on runway 20.  The light to moderate W'ly provided some weak lift in the main bowl, usually just enough to reduce sink rates to around 30 -50 ft/min when below 1000' QFE, this being the case for the 33 minutes achieved by Jesper Mjels and one of the day's 6 First Flight pupils in K21 JVZ and the 29 minutes by Arthur Docherty and another First Flight pupil in the same glider.  The longest flight again involved a First Flight pupil with P1 Jesper Mjels taking a 3,000' tow and maintaining 5-600' QFE in the main bowl for the last 17 minutes of their 40 minute flight in K21 FYF. 

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