Tuesday 22nd to Friday 25th November 2022

Posted: 26/11/2022 14:48

Tuesday 22nd.   After overnight rain, a low overcast persisted until the early afternoon as a light to moderate NNW'ly slowly backed into the WNW, the clearance coming too late to allow flying.

Wednesday 23rd.   An active weather front brought heavy rain and low cloud in the morning, the moderate, to at times moderate to fresh SE'ly, veering into the SW as the front passed.  The  clearance came too late for flying to start.

Thursday 24th.    A moderate and at times moderate to fresh S'ly backed into the SSE and then veered into the SSW as  an active front brought a short period of very heavy rain to the area around lunch time with flying getting under way around 1030 hrs off runway 20.  The first flight of the day saw Guy Hartland/Neil Amos have 30 minutes in K21 JVZ soaring the southern ridge between the White Horse and Wass at around 1200-1500' QFE.   However, only a second AT off runway 20 was flown, again by Guy and Neil in JVZ, as the low cloud of the front preceding the rain arrived, causing them to return to land after just 7 minutes flying time.  Lingering low cloud after the passage of the front prevented any resumption of flying. 

Friday 25th.  A moderate WSW'ly blew all day, and with variable cloud, 12 ATs were flown off runway 24 behind Pawnee EV.  Hill lift and some weak wave meant that 9 of the day's 12 launches lasted more than 30 minutes, with 2 of over an hour.  Steve Thompson flying Astir DPO had 1:20, having a couple of slow climbs up to 1300' QFE and 1500' QFE, and also visited the forward ridge.  Colin Troise flying the DG1000 solo, had just over an hour, spending most of the time between 1000' and 1200' QFE soaring the main W'ly ridge as far north as High Paradise Farm, this being the experience for most pilots including Clive Swain/Chris Chalmers Brown in JVZ during their 52 minute flight.  However, some of the best lift was to be found just upwind of the main/home bowl, with Clive Swain/Tony Kirby in JVZ, maintaining their tow height of 2,100' for a while.   Chris Handzlik, flying Astir FSH took a high tow to 5,000' asl, and gained to 5,500' asl some 3-4km south of site in his 59 minute flight, while Bob Calvert had 48 minutes in Astir DSU off the first flight of the day.        

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