Sunday 6th to Thursday 10th November 2022

Posted: 11/11/2022 13:03

Sunday 6th.  A moderate, mild and  moist S'ly that slowly veered into the SW was accompanied by a low overcast and the occasional shower, resulting in a non-flying day.

Monday 7th.  The moist and mild flow from the SSW continued to bring in a low overcast,  the wind strength, moderate to fresh to occasionally fresh SSW'ly also contributing to a non-flying day.

Tuesday 8th.  Not a lot of change as the moderate to fresh S/SSW'ly continued to blow and although there were some breaks in the cloud cover, the site was affected by orographic cloud from the S/SSW facing ridges.  Consequently, there was no flying.

Wednesday 9th.  The wind had veered into the WSW and declined to moderate after the passage of some early morning rain, allowing operations of runway 24 to commence around 1245 hrs.  Six ATs resulted, all but one being at or over 30 minutes, the exception being John Tayler's 26 minutes with the  only First Flight pupil of the day.  K21s JVZ and FYF shared the flying, with the hill and some wave assistance providing the lift.  Operating heights were typically 800' to 1200' QFE, although Laurie Clarke and Neil Amos in JVZ maintained 1,600-1,700' QFE for a while in their 31 minute flight, with the main bowl being the primary location for soaring on the majority of flights. Steve Thompson and Graham Evison in FYF had one visit to Boltby in their 56 minute flight, the longest of the day, with Steve and Phil Lazenby making 2 visits to the northern limit of the main ridge, High Paradise Farm, off the last flight of  the day during their 40 minute flight in FYF.  John Tayler and Chris Thirkell also had 40 minutes in FYF  while Andy Evans had the only solo flight of the day in JVZ, 35 minutes soaring the main bowl.

Thursday 10th.  The wind had reverted to a SW'ly direction and increased in strength to fresh/fresh to strong, with gusts to over 40 kts,   Combined with a low overcast and occasional light rain it meant the outcome was a non-flying day.    

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