Friday 4th to Saturday 5th November 2022

Posted: 06/11/2022 15:12

Friday 4th.  A sunny day with a moderate to moderate WNW'ly wind that slowly veered into the W resulted in 18 launches off runway 24, with 9 lasting more than 30 minutes of which 4 were longer than an hour.  Lift was available from the hill, mainly in the main bowl, while some thermal activity allowed a few more extended excursions.  Visitor Patrick Fowler in his Astir set the ball rolling with 42 minutes soaring the main bowl , while Chris Handzlik in his DG300 used hill lift and thermal to stay aloft for just over 2 hours, visiting Thirsk and Borrowby. Toby Wilson in his Standard Cirrus and Rob Bailey flying the DG1000 solo, each had just over an hour, Toby visiting much the same areas as Chris and Rob mainly using hill lift.  With the wind veering into the W, later flights explored the hill lift further north on the westerly ridge, with Andy Tyas' 46 minute flight in Astir DSU including an visit to just short of Boltby and Jesper Mjels taking the last of the day's 3 First Flight pupils to High Paradise Farm in their 34 minute flight in K21 JVZ.  The day also saw a visit by a Falke from the Borders GC at Millfield, the return flight taking place in the afternoon.

Saturday 5th.  A slow moving frontal system kept the site in cloud and rain for all the daylight hours as a moderate S'ly blew, so there was no flying.  The programmed bonfire night party, however, did go ahead with the skies clearing in time for members and guests, warmed by the radiant heat of a large bonfire,  to enjoy the fireworks (see photos below courtesy of Ben Dawson)  before retiring indoors to a 2 course meal and a raffle in aid of Yorkshire Air Ambulance. 






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