Friday 11th to Saturday 12th November 2022

Posted: 13/11/2022 14:00

Friday 11th.  Thursday's fresh to strong SW'lys had declined to fresh, but the wind strength and its gusty nature still meant another non-flying day.

Saturday 12th.  Early cloudiness gave way to sunny skies around 1300 hrs, by which time 8 of the day's 12 ATs had been flown off runway 20 as a light to moderate S'ly slowly backed into the ESE.  K21s JVZ and FYF provided the means for all the flights bar one, this being by Adam Sayer who had one of the two flights to exceed an hour.  Adam's 1:35 utilised weak wave running NW/SE between the site and Sutton Village and was also the basis for Malcolm Morgan/Naomi Kennard's 1:02 flight in JVZ, they climbing to 4,400' asl from a 1,400' tow.  Both flights were launched within 6 minutes of each other around 1305 hrs with the next launch, Nigel Burke with one of the day's 4 First Flight pupils, having 30 minutes initially maintaining their tow height of 3,500 asl (2,600' QFE) then having another period at 2,800' to 3,300' asl (1,900 to 2,400' QFE) before landing.  Outside of this period, only 1 other flight equalled or exceeded 30 minutes, that being the 31 minutes by Malcolm Morgan and T Wells in JVZ, the result of a 3,000' tow followed by a continuous descent. 

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