Monday 10th October 2022

Posted: 11/10/2022 16:00

Monday 10th.  A moderate WNW'ly increased to moderate to fresh around the middle of the day before decreasing back to light to moderate, the initially sunny skies producing some Cumulus which faded by late afternoon.  Launching was via AT behind the Pawnee with a combination of hill lift, thermal and some weak wave leading to 7 of the day's 10 launches exceeding 30 minutes with 5 over an hour.  Laurie Clarke was first off in his DG300, his 50 minute flight including a climb to 2,800' asl in thermal, hill soaring the NW facing part of the home bowl at 7-900' QFE and then maintaining 1100-1400' QFE in front of the second bowl on the main W'ly ridge.  Andrew Wilmott took a 30 minute flight with Guy Harlland in K21 JVZ before taking his ASW 19 for a 1:38 flight mainly in thermal, climbing to 3,500' asl but then, when reverting to the hill lift, slowly lost out and landed.  Visitors P Rice/N Oakley in their Perkoz has a similar flight of just over an hour, but climbed to 4,700' asl, while Laurie Clarke had a second flight, this time for 1:03 in his DG300, finding some weak wave just in front of the forward ridge that allowed him to maintain an altitude of 3,200 - 3,600' asl for a while.  Visitors P Rice/G Bailey in their Perkoz had the second longest flight of the day, 1:17, this  time climbing from  2,000' asl to 2,600' asl in weak wave at the Boltby end of the main W'ly ridge, while Guy Harland with visitor F Fang had 1:06 in JVZ as they visited Black Hambleton using thermal and hill lift, climbing to a peak height of 3,000' asl.  Average thermal climbs were typically 1.0-1.6 kts, with the best of the peak climbs around 3.5 kts on another interesting day at Sutton.

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