Friday 28th to Monday 31st of October 2022

Posted: 31/10/2022 21:53

Friday 28th.  A moderate and at times moderate to fresh WSW'ly blew, this tending to back into the SW over the course of the day.  15 ATs were flown, the visitors from the Portsmouth Naval GC providing 6 of these split evenly between their K21 and single seaters with 2 of the YGC's K21s, the DG1000 and one of the Astirs providing the rest of the flights. My usual source of flight information suffered a glitch so I am indebted to Guy Hartland for the information of which this report is based as well as the office staff for sending me the day's log sheet. Hill lift and wave meant that 12 of the day's flights exceeded 30 minutes, with 7 being over an hour.  Visitor Mr Wainright in the DG300 logged both the longest flight of the day, 3:33, and the best climb, to around 14,000' asl, with his compatriot, Neil English in their club's Astir, climbing to around 9,000' asl during his 2:11 flight.  YGC member Jesper Mjels flew the club Astir, DSU, for 2:29 but couldn't properly contact the wave, having to be content with a climb to around 4,000' asl a similar altitude being achieved by father and daughter Derek and Hannah Smith in the DG1000.  Visitors Noble and Shaw together with YGC's Clive Swain provided instruction in the day's other 2 seater flights, these including 2 for First Flight pupils, Clive and Steve Miller having the longest of  these with 1:19 in K21 FYF.

Saturday 29th.  A thoroughly wet day with cloud shrouding the hill as a moderate ESE'ly - SSE'ly blew meant there was no flying.

Sunday 30th.   A day of sunny intervals and showers meant there were only 2 ATs of runway 20 as a moderate S'ly blew.  Both the day's flights were in K21 JVZ, with Steve Thompson taking first Malcolm Guard and then Keiron Trinder for flights of 10 and 19 minutes respectively off 2,000' tows. 

Monday 31st.  Orographic forming on  the southern ridge as a moderate to moderate to fresh S'ly blew delayed the start of flying until the early afternoon, with 12 ATs off runway 20 thereafter as the wind backed into the SE.  Hill lift and some weak wave resulted in 4 of the day's flights extending beyond 30 minutes, with 2 over an hour.  Bob Calvert in his Discus 2ct had 1:45, with visitor Malcolm Guard having just over an hour in his Ka6CR, while John Ellis in his DG800 had 49 minutes and Bill Payton/Albert Newbery  had 36 minutes in their DG1000t.  Bob Beck and Dave McKinney shared the P1 flying in K21 JVZ and  there were 4 flights in Astirs, one by Martin Newbery in YGC Astir DSU and 3 by Patrick Fowler in his Astir CS, Martin flying for 23 minutes and Patrick totalling 56 minutes flying time.      

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