Tuesday 27th September 2022

Posted: 27/09/2022 20:53

Tuesday 27th.  The day started off with depressing similarities to Monday, the moderate to fresh NW'ly ruling out any flying, with the second day of flights for young aviation enthusiasts sponsored by the Air League cancelled.  However, the wind veered to become WNW'ly and 3 flights resulted, all of which climbed in wave, whilst also sometimes using thermal.  Jesper Mjels was first to launch off runway 24 using the engine of his DG400 to contact the wave some 5 km ESE of Ripon and climbing to 14,100' asl.  Jesper than progressed NWwards to another wave climb 6 km N of Ripon climbing back to 13,100' asl.  Continuing a NW'ly track, Jesper climbed to his best height of 16,500' asl some 2.5 km NE of Masham and then flew north to within 2.5 km of Catterick before returning to Sutton, covering some 105 km in all.   Guy Hartland/Rod Brister were next to launch in K21 JVZ, taking an AT into the  wave some 7 km ENE of Boroughbridge before climbing to their best height of 6,200' asl in the favoured area some to the ENE of Ripon.  Returning to the area local to site, Guy and Rod indulged in some thermal climbs with cloudbase around 4,000' asl before landing after a flight of 1:30.  The last flight of the day was by visitor Graham Morris in his ASW27 who again contacted the wave some 5 km ENE of Ripon, climbing to 6,500' asl.  Proceeding NWwards, Graham climbed to his best height of 10,300' asl 5.5 km NNW of Ripon and then continued his flight NWwards, taking an additional 3 climbs; to the NW of Masham, 9,500' asl, over Leyburn, 9,000' asl and some 8.5 km NW of Leyburn, 7,600' asl, at which point he turned back and returned to site via Ripon having covered 125 km.  

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