Saturday 10th to Monday 12th September 2022

Posted: 14/09/2022 19:20

Saturday 10th.  A weak, slow moving front with its low cloud and light rain and drizzle at times meant there was no flying.  There was, however, a talk on Parachutes by Mack from Pocklington, including a demonstration of opening a parachute, with Amelia Forrester being the demonstrator, as the following photo shows.  It should be pointed out that nobody was injured in this demonstration although the ceiling mounted projector was briefly winded.

Sunday 11th.  A light to moderate SSE'ly blew all day, bringing low cloud that delayed the start of flying until early afternoon, with 9 ATs off runway 20 the day's total, all dual in K21 FYF.   A lack of any significant lift meant that no flight exceeded 30 minutes, with Dave McKinney/Adam Sayer's 18 minutes being the day's longest, followed by Paul Whitehead/Sarah Stubbs 14 minutes.  The Falke's pilots indulged in some field landing practice followed by a landing at Bagby.  Leaving there after an hour or so, a few more field landings were practiced before a return to site.

Monday 12th.  A light to moderate SW'ly slowly veered into the W, its accompanying low cloud finally breaking late afternoon, allowing 2 private owners to launch and soar in wave.  Jesper Mjels was first off in his DG400, contacting the wave west of Masham and eventually climbing to 12,000' asl SW of Aysgarth.  Returning via Northallerton, Jesper flew a total distance of around 120 km in his 2:56 flight.  Bob Calvert in his Discus 2ct contacted the wave 18 km to the SW of site climbing to around 4,000' asl, but found his best climb to 6,300' asl just south of Northallerton, having waited until the restricted zone around Leeming for parachute operations cleared.  Bob's flight time was 3:00 as he soared locally. 

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