Friday 16th to Monday 19th September 2022

Posted: 20/09/2022 13:32

Friday 16th.  The isobars between the high to the west and low to the east had tightened, strengthening the NNW'ly to moderate to fresh and creating very turbulent conditions on runway 02, so  there was no flying.

Saturday 17th.  The NW'ly wind had decreased to moderate, but an exploratory flight in K21 JVZ confirmed the view that take off and landing conditions were too turbulent for continued safe operation, so again there was no flying.

Sunday 18th.  The initially moderate NW'ly declined in strength as it veered into the NE, with flying getting underway off runway 02 and the occasional landing on 30.  There were 11 launches, all but one in K21s JVZ and FYF, with 6 for First Flight pupils, the exception being the self launch by visitor Craig Lowrie in his DG800.   Generally cloudy skies provided little in the way of lift, with the weak thermals only extending flight times rather than providing climbs.  I don't  have details of Craig's flight, but the K21 flights generated one over 30 minutes and 3 over 20 minutes.  Nigel Burke  had flights of 31 and 24 minutes with 2  First Flight pupils, the longest off the last flight of the day, while Toby Wilson had 24 minutes with another First Flight pupil. The balance of flights were undertaken by students from the Durham University GC with Fred Brown giving T Taylor 21 minutes in K21 JVZ. 

Monday 19th.  The club was closed as a mark of respect on the day of the State funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

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