Wednesday 10th August 2022

Posted: 11/08/2022 17:43

Wednesday 10th.  The synoptic situation remained essentially, the same, so it was another blue day with light winds mainly from the SSE but tending to veer into the SW and the maximum temperature at Leeming climbing to just under 30C.  Flying got under way around 1020 hrs off runway 20, the early flights finding no significant lift and this remaining the case until the early afternoon when Paul Whitehead, with the 2nd First Flight pupil of the 5 on the day, had 46 minutes in K21 KLW.  The 13 subsequent flights yielded 10 of over 30 minutes, of which 4 were more than an hour, 3 of these being by the 3 private owners who launched, Clive Swain having 7:10, Bob Calvert 2:40 and Graham Weston 2:20.  Clive and Graham stayed relatively local, while Bob flew his Discus 2t to York, then to 6 km east of Burn before returning via Pocklington, a distance a around 125 km.  Clive's area of operation was mainly in the SW quadrant to the site and included a climb to 6,700' asl just south of Topcliffe, with Bob getting to 5,200' and Graham 5,600' asl in his Discus.  Peak average climb rates were modest, in the range 2-3.3 kts.  The other pilot to have over an hour was Matt Woodhouse, who flew Astir DSU around the local 100 km Sutton/Rufforth/Pocklington/Sutton triangle, progressing very nicely until near Full Sutton and then having to backtrack 3,5 km to get a climb.  This propelled him nicely from his low point of around 1,500' to 4,750' asl putting him on a almost uninterrupted 32 km final glide to site.  Towards the end of flying for the day, Paul Whitehead/Ben Haslam in K21 KLW climbed to 5,000' asl in their 37 minute flight, with Ron Beezer providing the same service to Day Course pupil Neil Amos on his 3rd and longest flight of the day, 56 minutes in K21 FYF. Paul then took the last of the day's First Flight pupils to 4,800' asl off the last flight of another soaring day in FYF.     

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