Saturday 20th to Sunday 21st August 2022

Posted: 25/08/2022 15:06

Saturday 20th.  An initially light to  moderate WSW'ly meant ATs off runway 24, but with the wind speed increasing to become moderate to fresh, winching became the norm after 5 ATs, with the day's overall launch total 25.  Although 16 of the day's flights exceeded 30 minutes and 9 an hour, the wind speed meant most pilots stayed local, with some wave soaring above 5,000' asl for a few, although patience was required to transfer from the hill into the wave.  The early ATs allowed Bob Calvert in his Discus 2t,, and the pilots of Ventus 2t FJO  and 18m Cirrus HTU to contact the wave, climbing to 8,300' asl, 6,100' asl and 5,100' asl respectively, with Bob and the pilot of FJO visiting Northallerton and Masham and Bob adding Boroughbridge  and the pilot of FJO the Tontine.  As noted earlier, some pilots had to be patient to contact the wave, with Martyn Johnson and John Ellis both spending around 2:45 ridge soaring before climbing to 15,700' asl and 13,800' asl respectively.  Martyn visited Northallerton and the Tontine in his DG600, with John making a couple of forays out to the A1 in his DG800, while Steve Thompson in his Ventus bt, visited Harrogate North, Pateley Bridge and Ripon without ever getting above 5,000' asl. Visitors Bob Johnson and Martin Holloway flew their DG1000t to Boroughbridge while Guy Hartland/John Forrester visited Knaresborough in K21 FYF and Toby Wilson in his Standard Cirrus climbed to 5,200' asl with John Marsh getting to 5,800' asl in his DG303.  For those relying on hill lift to stay airborne, the stretch from the main bowl to Boltby proved popular, although no one ventured any further north.  The club's single seaters remained in the hangar while all three K21s were kept busy with Chris Collingham/Dan McLean having the longest flight in them,1:20 in FYF. 

Sunday 21st.  Continuing high pressure, a light to moderate W'ly and a good soaring forecast resulted in a busy day at Sutton.  ATing commenced around 1030 hrs off runway 24, with Les Rayment taking the 1st of the day's 6 First Flight pupils for 29 minutes in K21 KLW with launching continuing without a break until t1744 hrs by which time 41 launches had been flown.  All the club fleet were flown, plus 22 privately owned gliders, with a number of cross countries appearing on the BGA Ladder or on OLC.  Steve Thompson in  his Ventus 2t and Paul Whitehead in  his Ventus 2cxt both flew the same 337 km task, with TPs at Kirton in Lindsey, the Tontine and Burn, both reporting tricky conditions south of the Humber due to spreadout and blue conditions during the later part of the flight north of the Humber.  Derek Taylor in his ASW22 flew 305 OLC km, with TPs at Leyburn, just SE of Burn, Scarborough and 7.5 km SE of Masham. Greg Corbett flew his Kestrel 19 129 km with TPs at Pocklington and the Tontine but abandoned his attempt to return to Pocklington, noting that the thermals were difficult to centre.  Cloud base eventually rose to 4,5-5,000' asl, although Martyn Johnson climbed to 6,300' asl in what I assume was wave, as he flew his DG600 around Ripon and Harrogate N and Bob Calvert climbed to 7,500' asl as he did an O/R to just south of Kirkby Stephen.  Other cross country pilots included John Ellis who visited Masham, Guisborough W, Snainton, Pocklington and Scunthorpe, Bill Payton solo in his DG1000t who also flew to Kirkby Stephen as well as Barnard Castle, visitors Hollowell and Johnson who took their DG1000t to Scarborough, Driffield, Malton and Thirsk, John Carter who visited Northallerton, Masham and Helmsley in his ASW20 and Amelia Forrester who had her longest cross country flight with Bruce Grain in the DG1000 as they turned the Tontine, Masham and Ripon.  John Marsh in his DG303 visited the Tontine, Northallerton and Helmsley,  with Steve Ogden also visiting the Tontine as well as Masham in Astir DSU, while Northallerton was also the TP of choice for Adam Sayer in Astir DPO and Dave Thompson in Astir FSH and Ripon and Masham for Fred Brown in his Ventus 2.  A Slingsby Capstan originating from Pocklington landed at site around mid afternoon before being given an AT retrieve by one of the Pocklington tugs later in the day.  Toby Wilson returned the compliment by landing out at Pocklington in his Standard Cirrus after visiting Ripon and then having an AT retrieve back to Sutton. An altogether excellent soaring/cross country day at Sutton with 33 of the day's flights exceeding 30 minutes and 25 exceeding an hour.


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