Thursday 21st to Saturday 23rd July 2022

Posted: 29/07/2022 12:42

Thursday 21st.   A light to moderate N'ly slowly veered into the SE as overcast skies led to a day of extended circuits off runways 02 and 06, with landings on every available runway.  The day's 14 ATs were principally for 8 First Flight pupils and a Day Course pupil, who, because of the low flight times, had 4 flights, with K21s KLW and JVZ utilised.  Laurie Clarke and Clive Swain shared P1 duties, with Laurie posting the longest flight of the day, 20 minutes with a First Flight pupil, and Clive the second longest, 19 minutes with another First Flight pupil.

Friday 22nd.  A light ESE blew all day accompanied by an overcast that was too low to allow any glider flying but did allow the Falke to have a 24 minute  flight which took in visits to Helmsley and Easingwold.

Saturday 23rd.  A light to moderate S'ly blew all day, the cloud slowly  thickening before rain arrived in the early afternoon, terminating flying after 9 AT launches off runway 20.  Two private owners launched but neither was able to stay airborne for an hour or more, Bob Calvert in  his Discus 2t having 44 minutes and Rob Bailey in his ASG29t having 39 minutes, both in thermal that took them to a maximum altitude of around 3,800' asl.  The remaining launches were in K21s KLW or FYF, with Sam Dawson doing practise launch failures with Toby Wilson and Ian Pattingdale taking care of the day's 3 First Flight pupils with flight times around 17 to 26 minutes.      


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