Sunday 17th to Wednesday 20th July 2022

Posted: 28/07/2022 21:16

Sunday 17th,  A light to moderate SSE'ly slowly declined to become light, as early morning rain eased allowing flying  to commence around 1045 hrs.  K21s FYF and KLW provided the day's 10 launches off runway 20, all but one being for First Flight pupils, the exception being Paul Whitehead and YGC member John Dore who took the last flight of the day.  The day became thermic around the middle of the afternoon for a brief period, allowing Dave McKinney and his First Flight pupil to have 50 minutes, while the only other flight to be airborne for >30 minutes was that by Paul Whitehead and his First Flight pupil, who, taking next launch after Dave's, had 35 minutes. 

Monday 18th.  A hot air mass originating from Iberia was advected north around the western side of high pressure, providing a light to moderate SW'ly at site and a maximum temperature at RAF Leeming of 33.5C.  Due to the high temperature, flying terminated around 1345 hrs after 7 ATs off runway 24, with 20 used for landing.  K21s KLW and FYF were again the day's workhorses, providing 3 flights for the day's First Flight pupils and then solo flights for members and visitors. C Scott had 46 minutes solo in K21 KLW with Guy Hartland's 31 minutes solo in FYF being  the  only other flight to exceed 30 minutes. Laurie Clarke ensured it was not just a 2 seater day by flying Astir FSH.

Tuesday 19th.  The advected hot air mass had intensified, with the maximum temperature at RAF Leeming reaching 38.8C and the relative humidity dropping to 17% at 1600 hrs, as a moderate/ moderate to fresh SSE'ly slowly veered into the W.  The combination of clear blue skies, high temperatures and wind speed led to a decision to scrub flying for the day.

Wednesday 20th.  The legacy of Tuesday's high temperature was an Tuesday/Wednesday overnight minimum of 17.4C at RAF Leeming but the moderate/moderate to fresh NNW'ly that slowly veered into the NNE led to a drop in the day's maximum temperature to 25.2C.  Blue skies were quickly replaced by an overcast and while this was high enough to allow flying to take place off runway 02 and then 06, there was no significant lift to extend flights.  Consequently, none of the day's 15 ATs led to any flights of >30 minutes, the longest being the 29 minutes Laurie Clarke/Oscar Odel had in K21 FYF, this being off a 3,000' tow.  The next best was the 23 minutes Guy Hartland gave to one of the day's 6 First Flight pupils in K21 JVZ off a 2,500' tow, while solo pilots were Barry Stewn? and Andy Evans in Astir FSH and Christina Griffiths, who had 2 flights in K21 KLW   

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