Saturday 2nd July 2022

Posted: 03/07/2022 11:21

Saturday 2nd.  A morning of heavy showers associated with a cold front as a moderate/moderate to fresh WSW'ly blew, one of the showers drenching the site and delaying the start of flying until around 1230  hrs.  Thereafter, 10 ATs were flown off runway 24, principally for the day's 5 First Flight pupils, but also to allow members to use the thermal, wave and hill lift the post frontal conditions generated.  Steve Thompson/Sarah Stubbs, flying the DG1000, used the thermals to embark on a 136 km cross country with TPs at Burn, Rufforth and Pocklington.  Surviving weak conditions south of York, Steve and Sarah found their best altitude and average climb over York, 5,000' asl/6,2 kts,  before the into wind return to Sutton posed too much of a challenge and they landed out at the airfield at Wombledon, having an AT retrieve later.  Steve and Sarah's flight of 3:59 was the longest of the day but one of 5 to exceed an hour. The flights by Toby Wilson in his Standard Cirrus, 2:57, Steve Ogden solo in K21 JVZ, 1:03, and Rod Brister solo in JVZ, 1:31. were all mainly thermal based with minor contributions from hill lift , their maximum altitudes being around 4,500' asl.  However, John Marsh, flying his DG303 and initially climbing in thermals to 4,000' asl,  contacted wave over Bagby, climbing to 6,400' asl before moving to Thirsk to achieve his best height of 7,500' asl in his flight of 2:06.  The day's flying activities were completed by John Taylor flying his Super Cub to the Long Mynd and a single local flight by the Falke.  

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