Friday 29th to Saturday 30th July 2022

Posted: 30/07/2022 16:02

Friday 29th.  Another spell of overnight rain that lasted until 1100 hrs, delayed flying until around 1315 hrs, the light to moderate S'ly slowly veering into the SW as the skies cleared and thermic activity began around 1430 hrs.  18 ATs were flown off runway 20 behind the Eurofox, with 6 flights equalling or exceeding 30 minutes and 3 of these exceeding an hour.   All three of the >30 <60 minute flights were with First Flight pupils, there being 7 on the day.  The >60 minute flights were by visitor M Gaude in his Astir CS, 1:51,Dave Thompson in Astir DSU, 1:14, who visited Helmsley, the A19 and Cowesby and 1:10 by Clive Swain in the company of Dominic Hammond in K21JVZ off the penultimate flight  of the day, during which they visited Carlton Husthwaite.  Dave, flying Astir DSU, climbed to around 4,000' asl, while off the last AT of the day, Laurie Clare with one of the day's First Flight pupils climbed to 4,200' asl with a peak average climb rate of 4,8 kts.

Saturday 30th.  Fronts from a depression to the north of the UK brought low cloud and rain to site as a light to moderate SSW'ly blew, ruling out any possibility of flying.

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