Tuesday 28th to Wednesday 29th June 2022

Posted: 30/06/2022 20:27

Tuesday 28th.  A moderate/moderate to fresh S'ly blew all day providing lift in the form of thermals, hill and some weak wave.  With the Tuesday evening group again active, flying commenced at around 1050 hrs  and continued until around 1920 hrs, with 21 ATs off runway 20.  8 of these lasted over 30 minutes with 2 over an hour.  Nick Gaunt flew the DG303 for 1:54, having a maximum altitude of 4,500' asl, a peak average climb rate of 3.8 kts and finding his best thermal and  some weak wave over Dalton. Others to use the weak wave to extend their flights were Steve Thompson/Dan McLean in K21 KLW who maintained around 4,000' asl over Little Sessay for 10 minutes of their 43 minute flight, with Dan repeating the exercise, this time with Dick Cole in FYF as they maintained 3,500' asl just to the south of the White Horse before then adding on some hill soaring the S ridge to Wass in their flight of 37 minutes.  Hill soaring this part of the southern, or the White Horse ridge was also accomplished by Adam Sawyer solo in K21 JVZ in his 44 minute flight and by Fred Brown/Julian Gerretson in FYF with 32 minutes.  The other > 1 hour flight was by  Clive Swain/Tony Kirby who had 1:03 in K21 FYF off the second flight of the day, mainly via thermal lift, with their best altitude being around 3.600' asl. 

Wednesday 29th.  The legacy of overnight rain, low cloud and then showers limited flights to two, both for First Flight pupils, both with Laurie Clarke as P1, with the start of flying delayed until around 1230  hrs.  The second of the day's First Flight pupils, Mr J Fyffe, paid to extend his flight, which Laurie did to 40 minutes in, somewhat appropriately, K21 FYF and on landing, Mr Fyffe stated his intention to come back on Thursday for some more flying.  There were no more glider flights, but John Tayler's Super Cub was kept busy with a batch of 5 successive  take offs and landings followed 3 more later in the day.     

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