Monday 27th June 2022

Posted: 28/06/2022 20:09

Monday 27th.  A cold front with its cloud and rain delayed the start of flying until the early afternoon, but the post front clearance provided some good soaring conditions with hill, thermal and a suspicion of wave lift.  7 ATs were flown off runway 24, with an occasional landing on 20.  Cloud base rose to over 5,000' asl with peak climb rates of 4-4.5 kts and the conditions allowed Rob Bailey in his ASG29 to go cross country on a 194 km task starting and finishing at Helmsley, with TPs at Staindrop and Wetherby South.  The first leg and 1/3rd of the way down the second leg saw good conditions with strong climbs to over 5,000' asl, but thereafter climbs were restricted to around 3,600' asl and Rob was not able to get to Wetherby South, surviving an 850' asl low point  just short of the TP and continuing the task to Helmsley, thus reducing the task distance to  186 km.  In addition to Rob's flight of 3:26, there were 3 other flights of over an hour.  Toby Wilson/O Petts had 1:02 in K21 JVZ, climbing to 4.3 and having a best average climb rate of 4.5 kts.  Later, Bruce Grain/John Dore had 1:10 in JVZ, getting to 5,500' asl and flying to 5 km NE of Northallerton as well as visiting Tontine and Thirsk, while off the last flight of the day, Guy Hartland/Adrew Bedford had 1:10 in K21 KLW, thermalling to 5,100' asl near Boltby and then flying to 5 km east of Thirsk without losing any height.  

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