Thursday 26th May 2022.

Posted: 27/05/2022 17:42

Thursday 26th.  Low cloud and light rain/drizzle as a weak front made progress SEwards delayed the start of flying until the early afternoon, but the moderate to fresh W'ly that followed the front, meant a winching afternoon with hill and thermal soaring opportunities.  These were grasped by members, visitors and private owners alike with the 6 launches giving an average flight time of 1:06.  Guy Hartland/Rod Bristor set the tone with 1:25 off the first flight of the day in the DG1000, going north on the ridges to Thimbleby, using thermal to climb to 4,200' asl and then make progress towards Northallerton before returning to site.  Martyn Johnson, the only private to launch had 2:01 in his DG600 as he searched for wave NW to Newby Whiske, WSW to Dishforth and W to Topcliffe finding some weak stuff that gave him his peak altitude of 4,800' asl.  The Stratford GC visitors utilised the YGC K21s to enjoy the day, with Barry/Sharon Kerbey having 1:01 in KLW, taking a thermal climb to 3,900' asl over Felixkirk, with Barry later having 1:07 with Chris Edkins.   Andy Balkwill on the other hand had 31 minutes with Adrian Flower and 32 minutes with Katherine Balkwill both in FYF, on the latter flight finding some weak wave over Dalton to climb to 4,200' asl.  

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