Monday 2nd to Thursday 5th May 2022

Posted: 09/05/2022 21:57

Monday 2nd.  Overcast skies that produced a few showers were brought in on a light to moderate NNE'ly wind, resulting in operations off runway 06 with landings on 02.  14 ATs behind the Pawnee was the day's total, but in the absence of any lift, the longest flight, by Dave McKinney/Colin Fearon in K21 JVZ,  was 21 minutes, aided by a 3,200' tow.  Two 19 minute flights were also flown by Dave, the first with Elizabeth Clay and the second with Colin Fearon, both in JVZ and again the result of high tows, 3,000' for Elizabeth and 2,800' for Colin.  No single seaters were flown, but James Prosser, Rod Brister, Sarah Stubbs and Steve Ogden all flew either JVZ of KLW solo, while the Falke had a 58 minute flight on a navigation exercise.

Tuesday 3rd.  Early morning rain stopped at around 0800 hrs, but its associated low cloud meant there was no flying until the evening, with the Tuesday evening group getting flying going at just before 1800 hrs.  Thereafter, 15 ATs were flown off runway 20, with runways 06 and 02 being sometimes used for landings as a light to moderate SSE'ly blew.   Low release heights were the order of the day, with only 3 flights towing to 2,000' or above, these 3 generating the longest flight times.  Dave McKinney was P1 on all 3 flights, clocking 18 and then 14 minutes with David Kay, and 14 minutes with Angela Jordensen. Adam Sawer was the only pilot to fly solo, his 11 minute flight off a 1700' launch being  in K21 KLW.

Wednesday 4th.  Another day of early morning rain which lasted until 0900 hrs, followed by showers as the light  SW'ly veered into the W and increased to light to moderate.  Flying was restricted to 1 flight in the DG1000 and a single Falke sortie.  The Falke had the longest flight, 1 hr, while the DG1000, piloted by Guy Harland/Laurie Clarke, towed to 4,000' QFE, as Laurie continued his AssCat training.

Thursday 5th.  A light WSW initially blew before veering into the W around 1300 hrs and increasing to light to moderate, this change being accompanied by  some light midday showers. which didn't interfere with flying.  The day's 24 ATs off runway 24 resulted in 14 flights over 30 minutes, with 5 over an hour, with Derek Smith in his DG800 flying a gritty, 129 km, cross country during which he struggled to get above 3,000' asl. Derek's TPs were Ripon and Market Weighton, a search for wave in the Ripon area proving to be fruitless.  Derek's flight time of 3 hrs exactly was just bettered by Bill Payton/Albert Newbery in their DG1000 with 3:03, with Nick Gaunt in his LS7 having 2:30 and Andrew Wilmot in his ASW19 having an hour.  Clive Swain in his Kestrel had a short first flight but made up for it on his second with 5:30, but as I had not access to traces apart from Derek's on the BGA ladder, I do not know where any of the above pilots went.  Of those flights having between 30 and 60 minutes, 3 had 50 minutes or more, these being Dave McKinney/Andy Tyas in K21 JVZ with 55, Julian Pratt, 52 solo in K21 KLW and 50 minutes for Polly Whitehead solo in JVZ.          

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