Monday 23rd May 2022

Posted: 25/05/2022 11:17

Monday 23rd.  A light to moderate W'ly blew all day, not strong enough to warrant winching but providing a variety of lift.  9 private owners launched off runway 24, all but one being the visitors from the Stratford GC, with the exception being Rob Bailey in his ASG29t whose 3:34 flight was the longest of the day, although I have no more detailed data on his flight.  Rob's flight was one of 7 to exceed an hour, with the others all being between 1-2 hours.  Thermal  soaring was the principal order of the day, with peak altitudes generally around 3,500' asl, the exceptions being Rob who climbed to 4,300' asl and two pilots who contacted wave.  Barry Kerby climbed to 7,300' asl in his Duo Discus, while Andy Balkwill reached 6,900' asl in his LS8-18 off  the penultimate flight of the 19 flown on the day.   In addition to the 7 flights of over an hour, there were 5 flights of between 30 and 60 minutes, including 54 minutes by Adrian Bennett in the DG303, the longest of the day in a club glider, with Guy Hartland/P Slingsby's 47 minutes in K21 KLW being the longest in a 2 seater. 


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