Friday 13th to Sunday 15th May 2022

Posted: 15/05/2022 21:48

Friday 13th . The WSW'ly wind had freshened compared to Thursday, becoming fresh at times, so it was a winching day at site, with only 2 seater flying off runway 24.  After 2 flights in the morning, the increasing wind strength caused a break in proceedings, flying recommencing around 1400 hrs with a further 6 flights in the afternoon, before flying came to an end at 1746 hrs with the landing of Bruce Grain/Sarah Stubbs in K21 JVZ.  Staying up was not a problem, with all but one of day's flights exceeding 30 minutes with the rest between 35 and 42 minutes, the latter by Guy Harland/Sarah Stubbs off the first flight of the day.  Excursions north to  Black Hambleton were the norm while the the forward ridge was also visited on a number of flights, peak heights being typically 1000 - 1300' QFE, with Guy and Sarah getting to 1600' QFE during their first flight together. 

Saturday 14th.  A light to moderate SW'ly that slowly veered into the WSW led to operations off runway 24, while the forecast of a reasonable thermal day led to 36 launches, 15 being for private owners.  However, the conditions proved to be  not as good as forecast, with weak thermals that did not go much above 3,500' asl, apart from a convergence that developed to the north and north east of the site, this providing 3-5 kt lift and a cloud base of up to 5,000' asl.  The conditions led to pilots looking to fly cross countries struggling to get high enough to leave the local area and limited distances from site when they did.  Those that reached the convergence did, however, enjoy the improved conditions, with Nick Gaunt commenting that he flew from the Tontine to just south of Guisborough at 5,000' asl with 3-5Kts on his vario and could have perhaps gone further in his LS7.  The contrast between conditions remote from and at the convergence, was summed up by Rob Bailey who, trying to visit the east coast in his ASG29t, found it slow going, with soggy air just short of Scarborough, but on returning to site encountered booming conditions at the convergence, while Toby Wilson in his Standard Cirrus struggled to get to Ampleforth. Low saves seemed the order of the day, with Steve Thompson in his Ventus 2t having 2 at around 650' and the aforementioned Rob having one at 840'.  Achieved distances were modest, so in addition to the flights by Nick and Rob mentioned above, Steve went 3 km south of Kexby and 19 km ESE of Site, Andrew Cluskey in his Shark went 40 km east of site and 15 km north of Helmsley, while Nigel Burke in his DG808 did an O/R to the Tontine. In spite of the tricky conditions, 25 of the day's flights were of 30 minutes of more, with 12 over an hour.  All but one of the latter flights were by private owners, the exception being Adam Sawyer with 1:12 in the Astir, while 10 of the flights of 30-60 minutes were in club gliders, with Andy Tyas having 58 minutes in the Astir and John Forrester, solo in K21 JVZ, and Peter Goodchild/Naomi Kennard in the same glider, both having 49 minutes.

Sunday 15th.  A medium level overcast briefly broke up in the early afternoon before returning again later as a moderate to fresh ESE'ly blew, the latter being considered not conducive to flying.      

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