Sunday 10th April 2022

Posted: 11/04/2022 11:44

Sunday 10th.  The light to moderate wind had switched into the SSE as a depression made slow progress towards the UK, its high level cloud slowly thickening as the day progressed, but still allowing Cumulus development that delivered 4 cross country flights.  The longest of these was Rob Bailey's 230 km in his ASG29t, taking in personal TPs NW of Aysgarth and S of Driffield plus the Richmond TP.  Burn was a TP choice for the other 3 cross countries, Toby Wilson in his Standard Cirrus and Chris Teagle in his Kestrel 19 both doing 109 km O/Rs, while Steve Thompson and Adam Sayers added in visits to Rufforth and Pocklington in the DG1000 to increase their distance to 148 km.   Due to the high cover, thermal strengths at best were around 3-3.5 kts, while maximum altitudes were in the range of  4,500' to the 5,100' asl for the cross country pilots, with 4,400' asl being the maximum reached by locally soaring pilots.  The cross country pilots were airborne for 2 - 3.5 hrs, with 2 locally soaring pilots, Greg Corbett in his Kestrel 19 and John Marsh in his DG303 also having around 2 hrs each.  4 additional flights of over an hour were flown,  the father/daughter duo of John and Amelia Forrester both being in this group, John's 1:01 with Fred Brown in K21 JVZ being mid afternoon and Amelia's 1:18 being with Ian Pattindale earlier in the day in the same glider. The day's 5 flights of between 30 and 60 minutes included two of 32 minutes by Sarah Stubbs in the Discus, these being the longest flights in a club single seater.  An indication of the willingness of club members to assist in the smooth operation of the club is illustrated by the following photo, which has a group of members really putting their backs into ensuring that club gliders are quickly returned to the launch point.


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