Tuesday 15th to Wednesday 16th March 2021

Posted: 16/03/2022 18:45

Tuesday 15th.  A slowly approaching cold front brought high cover and a light to moderate SSE/S'ly wind, the high cover restricting thermal development, with the day's 24 ATs off runway 20 only generating 3 flights of over 30 minutes, the majority of flights being 20-27 minutes..   The 3 flights to exceed 30 minutes were all solos, with Chris Knapp having 36 minutes in the Discus, Polly Whitehead having the same time in K21 JVZ and Andy Evans 32 minutes in K21 KLW.  Chris made use of one of the day's isolated and weak thermals, while Polly and Andy found some lift on the ridge above Wass to extend their flights.  Two private owners flew, Andrew Wilmot in his ASW19 and Les Rayment and Duncan Pask in the T21, back flying after its land out on Monday. The day also saw 3 First Flight pupils flown while the Falke had 3 flights.

Wednesday 16th    The cold front had made slow progress eastwards resulting in the site being in cloud for much of the day as the wind veered from SE to WNW, declining from light to moderate to light before increasing again to moderate.  Add rain from around midday, so there was no flying.

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