Sunday 27th March 2022

Posted: 28/03/2022 15:42

Sunday 27th.  The day was characterised by light winds from the ESE/SE and extensive, medium level cover that eventually became broken enough to allow some thermal formation in the late afternoon.  Flying up to that point had been of the up round and down variety with flight times at best into the mid 20 minutes.  These quiescent conditions did, however, allow the visitors from Husbands Bosworth to undertake site checks and also provided smooth conditions for the day's 5 First Flight pupils and YCG member's training flights. The first of the day's soaring flights saw visitor R Visse take off at 16:00 hrs in his Standard Cirrus and land 50 minutes later, making the most of the weak thermals before his colleague, J Cox in his Silent Electro, had 1:40, climbing to 3,200' asl, with his best thermal providing an 1 kt average climb.  It was then the turn of visitors S Wilks/N Walklett in their DG505 to have 52 minutes, climbing to 3,100' asl in the process.  YGC pilots Polly Whitehead and Andrew Clusky, both flying club 2 seaters solo, then joined in, with both climbing to 3,300' asl in the weak late thermals, with Polly in K21 JVZ having 1:18 and Andrew in the DG500 having 1:25.  Andrew's flight was the last to exceed 30 minutes as the thermals faded and flying came to a halt as Andrew landed at 18:06 hrs on the first day of British Summer Time.    

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