Saturday 12th March 2022

Posted: 15/03/2022 15:31

Saturday 12th.  Tom, our new office manager, quickly provided Saturday's log sheet so here is the report.  The moderate to fresh S'ly meant operations off runway 20, with the Eurofox replaced by the Pawnee after 2 tows due to the windy conditions.  Overnight rain, which lasted until 0900 hrs, delayed the start of flying until around 1115 hrs, but thereafter 21 ATs were flown with the last flight landing at 17:40.  Two seater flying dominated the day, with Chris Handzlik in his DG300 taking the only solo launch, although his 2:34 flight was by far the longest of the day as he used thermals to do an O/R to Linton on Ouse, battling a 30 kt headwind to get there.  Thermals were typically 2 kts but Chris did register one 4 kt climb.  Nobody else managed over an hour, but there were 7 flights of between 30 and an hour, with thermal and hill lift being utilised.  Jamie Quartermaine and John Forrester had 44 minutes in K21 JVZ using hill lift and thermal and progressing along the south ridge to between Ampleforth and Oswaldkirk, with a best climb rate of 3 kts.  Sarah Stubbs in JVZ and Rob Handzlik in K21 KLW both had 40 minute flights with Guy Hartland, with the White Horse ridge and that above Wass being favoured, while Jamie Quartermaine's 37 minutes in the DG1000 with one of the day's 4 First Flight pupils, was mainly thermal based.  

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