Monday 7th to Friday 11th March 2022

Posted: 11/03/2022 17:39

Monday 7th.  A sunny start to the day soon disappeared as a medium level overcast spread in on an moderate ESE'ly.  17 AT's  were flown off runway 20, the majority being to 1500' QFE or below as the cloud base lowered or pilots took advantage of low cost ATs behind the Eurofox.    In the absence of any lift, flight times were typically 8-13 minutes with only Clive Swain and Nick Northeast in K21 JVZ and Andrew Bedford, solo in JVZ getting above 15 minutes with 17 and 16 minutes respectively, Clive and Nick's time off the second tow of the day helped by a tow to 2,300' QFE.  Andrew was one of 5 pilots to fly solo in one of the K21s, while the one First Flight pupil of the day was given two launches due to the relatively low tow height and corresponding short flight time.

Tuesday 8th.  The wind had become a moderate SE'ly, so operations were again off runway 20, Guy Hartland and Tony Kirkby taking the first launch behind the Eurofox and finding some hill lift above the White Horse enabling them to extend their flight to 28 minutes in K21 KLW.  Albert and Martin Newbery, next off in K21 JVZ went somewhat better, utilising some lift over Ampleforth to gain 300' above their tow height, stay airborne for 1:10 and investigate the southern ridge as far east as Oswaldkirk.  Following their launch, with the wind speed increasing, the Eurofox was replaced by the Pawnee and 2 more ATs resulted, with Guy and Paul Leave having 25 minutes  in KLW, this being the last flight of the day as the wind  had become fresh with 30 kt gusts.

Wednesday 9th.  A sunny day to start with scattered Cumulus later, but the main feature was the fresh and gusty SSE'ly wind, which led to the decision to keep the hangar doors closed.

Thursday 10th.  The SSE'ly continued to blow but had declined somewhat to moderate.  Operations were therefore again off runway 20 but an overcast meant tow heights behind the Pawnee were limited to 1400-1700' QFE.  Flying started with Nigel Burke giving the only First Flight pupil of the day 2 short flights in K21 KLW, before Bruce Grain and Nick Northeast had the longest flight of the day in the same glider, 18 minutes, using some weak hill lift above the White Horse and a weak thermal to delay their descent.  Stuart Heaton took the last flight of the day's total of 5, solo in KLW, before the increasing wind speed led to flying being abandoned for the day.

Friday 11th.  The day started brightly with patchy high cloud with the wind again moderate to fresh from the SE/ESE, but soon increasing to fresh and becoming gusty as a cold front approached from the SW.  Lowering cloud and light rain from around 1500 hrs only confirmed that it was a non-flying day.   

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