Wednesday 2nd February 2022

Posted: 03/02/2022 17:30

Wednesday 2nd.  A light to  moderate W'ly opened the day, veering into the WSW mid-afternoon and declining in strength.  It was judged that ATing would be the preferred launching option and Chris Collingham and Laurie Clarke took the 1st launch behind the Pawnee, towing to 3,000' QFE with the resultant slow descent getting them back on the ground after 26 minutes, the shortest flight of the day.  Chris Handzlik/Tomasz Rusin were next in the DG500, having 2 hrs maintaining 6-1100' above the hill by mainly utilising the lift in the main bowl, but with excursions onto the forward ridge. The next 3 flights were more adventurous with Steve Thompson in the Astir doing O/Rs to the Tontine and the Thimbleby Ridge in a flight of 1:23, Bill Payton in the Discus also visiting the Tontine in his flight of 1:27 and Nick Gaunt visiting Black Hambleton in his 1:12 flight in the Astir.  All 3 pilots had low points while returning to the main bowl from the forward ridge, Steve's low point being at 300',  Bill's 500' and Nick's 0' QFE. Chris Collingham and David Key then had a more sedate 56 minute flight in the DG1000 sampling the lift along the main W'ly ridge doing multiple O/Rs to High Paradise Farm, while Steve Thompson rounded off the day's flying by dispensing with the hill lift and using thermal to climb to a maximum altitude of around 2,800' QNH in the Discus on another interesting soaring day at Sutton. 


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