Wednesday 16th to Thursday 17th February 2022

Posted: 17/02/2022 19:07

Wednesday 16th.  Storm Dudley's winds were evident from the word go, increasing from moderate to fresh to fresh to strong over the course of the day, and veering from WSW into the W.  It's associated fronts  meant it rained from 1100 hrs to 1700 hrs, just adding to the unflyable nature of the day. 

Thursday 17th.  The post Dudley winds remained fresh and gusty from  the W for most of the day, before declining rapidly  from 1600 hrs and backing into the SSW, the better conditions arriving too late to allow any flying.  To compensate for the lack of flying, what follows is Nick Gaunt's lyrical description of his hill soaring flight on Saturday 12th February, composed for his local writing group, 'Tether' being the given title.  Nick also flew this route on Tuesday 15th February, without any of the alarms of the Saturday flight.

RyedaleW.Tether-2.22-Nick Gaunt's poem

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